Did a bit of extra work on the site :) mostly just back-end stuff. My buttons used to be hard-coded which meant each button had it's own code. Just fixed it so that I simply pass some variables to my function. Essentially turning my script file into nothing more than a single function at this point.


Hooooo boy! Done with the second semester of college now so I have... a lot of free time until the next. What that means, as you might expect, is more updates! Thought of a game I could try making on here. So I'm super psyched about the possibility of doing that. Otherwise I want to try and redo a lot of this site. The weird and specific nature of it is lovely, but I wanna make it friendlier to smaller screens LOL. Honestly, typing this out right now so late that it's almost early again is pretty fun... I forgot how much I enjoyed dicking around on the web with my own damn site. Also thinking about rebranding to be a "webmaster" because that's genuinely badass.
There's something so gratifying about hardcoding my own text into my website in this way. There's a certain permanence that you don't get anywhere else. Speaking of... I need to add an image of Trish. I actually did a drawing of her, so now I can actually show her off :D


OKAY HUGE UPDATE to the website!!! Everything's on a single page, I've added some javascript so that you can click onto things rather than have everything visible at once!!! AND well, that's about it. Oh and I put a wrapper around everything and made it a flex-box. Overall a pretty big change that doesn't do much to the actual site. Only issue will be the loading times with worse connections, as there's a whole lot more to be loaded at once. Maybe I'll be able to update that at some point? Who knows. Really I need to do a whole proper revamp of it all, adding cool new styles to my page and making it look sleek and modern, but this'll have to do. I've been itching to do something other than occasionally watch TNG and yt videos, so stay tuned for more.


Wow time has flown past me and it's been a while since I've touched this site at all. My first semester of college is pretty much done now! Both video production and design methods have concluded and now I'm stuck just... doing nothing I suppose. To be honest, I haven't really been doing much in the way of creative projects, but I'll chalk that down to being pressured by school. I always tend to neglect things when I have other, typically more urgent things to think about. Thinking I might redo this site so that all the content is on a single page, but that might take a bit more time. Also been considering focusing on web-stuff pretty much full-time so that I can maybe earn some side-cash while going to school. It'd definitely help a tonne.
Anyhow, it's nice to do something with this website again. Even if it is just a simple blog post.


It's finally September!!! Autumn is here, and it really doesn't feel like it yet haha!
Let's get one thing straight however! I'm totally psyched for the leaves to go all orange, and the ground to be empty of all the tiny bushes and insects. Especially ticks, yuck! The best seasons are autumn and then spring. Winter gets too cold and too wet, there's never any snow anymore. Summer's wayyy too warm to do anything. Even this year it got so warm for a short period that you could barely be outside without boiling. It's definitely a lot cosier to snuggle up in some warmer clothes and feel the nice autumn breeze blow past than to sweat under the sun.
Website-wise I've been working on adding a background image, and also have been making a page for the story so far. I'll add it to the sidebar when it's ready.


Been reworking the website today!!!! Fixed up some of the issues I'd have later if I wanted to redo the look of the site.
Also using REMs instead of PXs for sizing, because of the varying sizes people's default font-size is. Added some links to the sidebar, and am thinking about adding the sidebar to each page so that you have easy access around my site.


So! Been a little while, hasn't it! Not done much, but I did start college ^^
These first weeks have been a bit boring, because the subject we've mainly had has been this "basic IT" thing. But yesterday we finally started video production so that's fun!
Otherwise I've been buying stuff, like books. Got a new desktop, but it didn't POST so I'm gonna have to send it in to the retailer ;w;
Anyways! Have a good day, and I'll update this some other time.


I've been working on artfight this past week! Here's my page! If you attack me I'll be sure to counter-attack! >:3c Otherwise I've been playing a lot of Siege ranked, and wow. It's not going well LOL. So far I've gone from Gold IV to Bronze II, and I'm only dropping further haha. There's a lot of things I could say about the game, but my biggest gripe right now is the fact that it doesn't seem balanced at all. Isn't the whole point of ranked that you play against equally matched players? Cause it sure doesn't feel like I am. Anyways, I'm just ranting.
Finally, I've taken an interest in Chinese! We'll see if I manage to keep it up this time.


These past couple of days I have been working on a couple things. I've lined up an office chair that I want to purchase, and have been working on a minecraft server where we've been creating an entire democracy. I've taken it upon myself to write the laws, and wow is it heavy work.


This is the start of my blog. Here I will talk about my day to day life, and things within it.